II. Ownership

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i. You Own The NFT. Each Squiggle is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) on the Ethereum blockchain. We can not take away or modify the ownership of any Squiggle NFT. When you purchase an NFT, you own what you purchase. What comes with the purchase is the Squiggle itself and the art attached. Ownership of each Squiggle is depicted by the attached Smart Contract and the Ethereum Network. 

ii. Personal Use. Squiggles grants you complete free use and ownership of the purchased art. Each Squiggle owner has a personal choice of where their NFT can be displayed. Squiggles retain only the right to use the Squiggles art attached to the NFTs for marketing and social media purposes.

iii. Commercial Use. Squiggles grant you complete access to creating derivative works based upon the art. You must gain permission from holders specifically to use their art for anything. A few examples of Commercial Use would be the use of Squiggles art to produce and sell merchandise displaying the art. The only limitation is other art you do not own the right to in the collection. If you own a Squiggle but are using other Squiggle owner’s art; you must gain permission. The Squiggles project is not required to endorse any specific derivative work and retains the right to publicly reject any derivative work.