Squiggles Roadmap

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Phase 1: Squiggle WorkForce
This is our version of creating a genuine and effective passive income source for Squiggle holders. Our current plan is to set aside 15% of all secondary market royalty revenue into a Squiggles treasury. Holders will have the opportunity to apply for positions within the community. Different positions can generate revenue paid out on a bi-weekly basis as holders would be able to contribute to the project with their strong suits. Not only would this create stronger community dynamics, but it would also ensure the long-term stability of the project. If we all work together as a team and hold each other accountable, we will be The Unstoppable Force in the NFT space.

Phase 2: Exclusive Holder Benefits

Owning a Squiggle will have numerous benefits. Our team is keen on the continued effort in taking care of our holders. We want to continue to maintain an environment where the best interest of our holders is in alignment with our best interest.

We plan to always monitor the best upcoming NFT launches, along with feedback from our holders to find projects that may have exclusive whitelists. We plan to make our best effort in providing these whitelist spots to our holders. This way our holders won’t need to put the effort into other communities in order to obtain a spot on their Whitelist! A private networking group for Squiggle holders is being planned in an effort to bridge the gap between the Metaverse and the real world! You can meet tons of people that you can collaborate and start new ventures.

Phase 3: Squiggle DAO

Proposals from the community to shape the future of Squiggles. A capital contribution will be made to the DAO fund, and 25% of the secondary market royalties will be deposited in SquiggleDAO. Possessing a Squiggle lets you vote on how funds are spent and apply for paid employment within the community. This would also secure the project's long-term viability. We can utilize the proceeds to support a variety of Squiggle-related causes, empower our artist community, and much more.

Phase 4: Squiggle Store Grand Opening
The Squiggle Store is planned to be a marketplace where you can buy both physical goods as well as digital, Metaverse-ready items. We plan on having everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs for all our supporters to rock! Squiggle holders would be able to receive discounts on all items in our store as well!

Phase 5: Squiggle Pets
All Squiggles need a companion and what better companion than some Metaverse pets? All Squiggle owners are eligible to claim the pets at a 1:1 ratio. This implies that if you have 10 Squiggles, you may claim 10 Pets. The pets are free, so the only cost to the owners is gas! The pets will have utility. Stay tuned on our discord, we'll be posting some sneak peeks.

Phase 6: Roadmap 2.0
Following the completion of Roadmap 1.0, we will produce Roadmap 2.0, which will concentrate on different real-world utility aspects as well as Metaverse prospects.